Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2

I got back a few weeks ago. It was a great show. Tons of amazing art to drool over. Lots of great feedback from lots of industry art directors. I've updated my illustration portfolio after this feedback with adjustments and culling. I'll continue to work on improving it as the weeks roll on.

These are some images from the life drawing night hosted again by The Art Department school in Kansas City. 2 great models, oodles of great drawings around the room. These were in my favorite: PanPastels. You have to get some of these! I'm still impressed by what an amazing life drawing (painting?) medium they are. Get a range of grays or browns and whatever plastic knife is at your local store. They carry them at Blick.

These two were on toned Wallace paper (sandpaper) and didn't suvive the carry-on home too well.

Plain-old pastel paper from Gage Academy's free drawing day a few months back. Was sitting on my desk unposted.

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Dwight Clark said...

I remember the first one. It was great seeing you again man