Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Slightly different

Thanks to Sam Nielson's comment on the last post, the old Canhead tutorial and some other suggestions I received via email I tried a slightly different approach (Autoselect and preserve transparency). All this layered business does end up with a more complex color palette by it's very nature. Even if I don't end up sticking with this process I will definitely be taking away many things that I love about it. I think it's healthy to throw a wrench in your process once in a while just to get you to think differently. For now, I just need to understand more about it.

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Sam Nielson said...

I feel the same way about trying to learn and just taking what you like. I don't like the B&W underpainting method that much, but I've been trying to figure it out lately just so I've got more tools in my belt if I ever need them. And I can see certain situations where it would speed up the process a bit.