Monday, August 21, 2006


The Northern California coast is the most beautiful and dramatic place I've ever lived. Tried to commit the sunset through the fog tonight to memory as I drove up Highway 1.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to California, Mark.

Nice always.

I always thought you would be the one percent.


Mark Behm said...

Hey now, that's not fair! :] Who is this? Who lives in CA and knows about the 1% from Rockwell's "My Adventures as an Illustrator" - which I am not, BTW, as I'm sadly not working in illustration.


Anonymous said...

yes...that is one of my aliases...aka Ana in CA.

Illustrator or animator, you are the one percent not panhandling on the side. ;o)

In a moment of web surfing serendipity, I happened upon your new blog..."Bay Area" came as a pleasant surprise, as well as your quick move upwards in animation. You are an inspiration.

I'll have to go see 'The Ant Bully' right away.


The Starving Artist

Mark Behm said...

Ah, thought maybe. Lost your email in a move a while back. Good to hear from you. Where's your art online?!

I am panhandling too. :/

Anonymous said...

What is your email address?

Mark Behm said...

markbehm71 at