Friday, September 22, 2006

fatcat speedie

Another one picked out of an abstract mess in photoshop. Filled in the jacket and one edge of the collar, picked out some lights, but the rest was there. Creepy.


Sam Nielson said...

Pretty cool! Sounds like a fun exercise to try sometime.

SIM-R said...

Love it because of the angles and the sharpness .The abstract side is working really well .How did you get it to display on a black background when I click on the image ?? Keep em coming man .

Mark Behm said...

A friend wrote a super simple PHP script that does it. I know nothing about PHP but it's like 4 lines or so, so anyone you know that might be able to whip one up.
All I do is change the image link a bit in the "edit html" section of the blogger post. That's if I'm not too lazy. But they look so much better on black. Because I paint too dark. :S