Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Lunchtime sketch.
I just couldn't color this one. I wanted to. I tried to. I may try again. It just fell flat. Blah. It's so much easier to work out forms in B&W but when I try to color it, I loose so much of that work and I end up feeling wishy washy about it.


marcobucci said...

Very cool, Mark. Do you have the same bad habit I do, where your 'lunchtime sketches' become 'start-at-lunch-and-continue-while-your-supervisor-isn't-looking sketches'?

Mark Behm said...

Thanks Marco. I can neither confirm nor deny those events.

Bartek said...

I love your work! Your tones are just sexy...and I don't necessarily mean you voice.

Also, I'm a complete noob when it comes to PS painting. Do you know of any tutorials for creating brushes and overall workflow I can check out? Maybe something you wrote up? ;)


Mark Behm said...

I don't do a ton of painting in PS, so I'm probably not your best resource. I mostly use Painter. There are a bunch of great PS tutorials floating around out there. Don't have any bookmarked tho. Check for that at There's also a cool series by a guy called "watch and learn". Google that, too.

Bartek said...

Cool thanks alot! I also found some of Bobby Chiu's youtube videos which show some of his workflow.