Wednesday, November 15, 2006

nother quicky

Crazy, Blogger doesn't want to make a thumbnail for this image. Huh. It's there tho, click in the black space above this line.
I was locked out of my cube today as they were shooting DVD footage. Lots of painting time.


Olivier Ladeuix said...

Hey Mark, few questions related to your TabletPC:
is it possible to use Maya or any 3d application on your Tablet PC? Which model are you using? And what about the pen, I saw one that didn't have any buttons, are you using a special one?

And last, is anyone not converted to Tablet PCs yet at dreamworks?

Thank you

Olivier Ladeuix said...

and regarding Blogger, fed up with Blogger behavioral problems I finally switched to Wordpress instead. It is free and you can transfer all your posts with just one click from the admin panel. Also one big advantage of Wordpress is that you can organise your posts by categories.

S.D. said...

3 posts! What a production! I'm really impressed.
Very nice colors on your guy, and cool light, as usual :)

Anders said...

wow, hard to follow you man if you post a painting by minute!!
great piece once again with really interesting reflections on the skin
nice job man!

Mark Behm said...

Thanks everyone.

Oliver - it's possible to use a 3d app, but I don't know about the practicality. The screen is only 768 pixels high. Not a lot of room for a UI. The pen's only got one button. It's pretty lame. Newer ones are better.
Lots of people at work (at least in animation) have tabletPCs but not for 3d. Just for sketching and 2d animation - tests and thumbnails and stuff.

Olivier Ladeuix said...

ok thanks Mark

David Malan said...

I like this one the most. really nice mood with the green. I like the design of the guy and the soft edges work nicely.