Monday, October 15, 2007

almost there

Almost done with a personal project that's been overwhelming my free time. Then I'll get consitant with posting here.


I will too!


marcobucci said...

personal projects rule. Is it art related?
And nice image too. Looks like he's of the flesh-eating persuasion.

sarah said...

I love the colours of this guy. Wonderful face too. I also really liked your Cleopatra... she has such a great royal presense about her.

Anonymous said...

Great as usual Mark .
The eyes are a nice touch in colour
Cool stuff ..

Pit. said...

This beast artwork is really cool! Love the coloring work so much.


Todd Harris said...

great job on this mark, i think i rack up the most unconsistent points. great post.

bog_art said...

I remember that face in other of your posts.. excellent color work as always..