Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Playing with photoshop to get a simple brush I might be happy with. This one was just flow and no opacity. And texture.
Edit: I'm sure this is no revelation to most PS users. I dislike that typical transparent, overlapping feel that PS gives me with transparent brushes. This brush has opacity up to 100 and not controlled by pressure. Flow controlled by pressure and tuned to fit what I'm after with the flow slider. I had it at maybe 20% or 30% on my tabletPC. When I brought it home on my intous I had to fiddle as they feel so different.


Mark said...

Ello again Mark,

Was just trying to see what you meant in PS...but taking the opacity down to 1% and keeping the flow at 100% you barely get anything out of the brush?...what aren't I doing?


Anders said...

i dig the way you did the skin around the eye

bog_art said...

Your new brush has a great texture!!.. It looks great!!..

Mark Montague said...

Funny looking fella.

I love his teeth and his evil, pus filled eye.

Bobby Chiu said...

Hehehe... Love the creature post Mark!

Breadwig said...

this guy is the tops. Double tops even.