Tuesday, April 22, 2008

acrylic play


Girl's head was the size of my thumb print and my brush was way too big. That was stupid.

Acrylics scare me. I never know what I'm gonna get when that stroke dries. How dark is that gonna get? Darker than what I put it down on top of? Who knows?

Does anybody know how to manage that?!

Hopefully I'll have an alkyd sketch page coming up soon too.


Jason Seiler said...

Mark, looking cool . . . as for the drying issue . . . just takes painting with it a lot . . . you start to get a feel for it. It is annoying.

Your digital piece below this one makes me SICK! I don't know how in the world you do these so fast . . . they're beautiful! Awesome work man!!!

Moyse said...

Great work Mark, love these faces, but all of your work is first rate, especially your creatures!

andres alvez said...

your work is incredible!!!!

and my inglish is very bad

Adam Ford said...

Really cool paintings! I really really dig the previous post. Great atmosphere!

Tatsu said...

Very interesting work. like all your old post.n_______n

Manu Martin said...

Like always you did a wonderful work... But Acrylic seems easy to me than oil.. and a fine master like you has created an excellent work,, especially the girl in the image....