Thursday, May 29, 2008


I screen-recorded this one. If there's any interest I'll go and prep and upload it.

Sorry for the tardiness BTW. I've been working on a piece that's been eating all my time. I'll be able to post about it soon.


Jose Darias said...

Hey Mark , awesome work! , i like the atmosphere ,and his pose , over all the arm separate.

congratulations dude!

mechis said...

Cool painting! Please post the screen recording when you get a chance. Love it!

mike said...


why are you holding off? show that recording, dude!

marcobucci said...

awesome, man! That dangling hand is disgustingly cool.
...And is there interest in uploading the screen-record? What are we supposed to say, 'no'? YES!

aintshakespeare said...

Man, that's gross-awesome. Grawesome.

Mostly awesome, but a lot gross. I like the broken arm.

pointpusher said...

Yep. The recording would be most appreciated. Great work as usual man.

Alex Fleisig said...

what do ya think?
if rani were a zombie


Anders said...

one of my favourite zombies ever!
brilliant work!

Tom Scholes said...

Yeeeehaw! Awesome dude!
Glad you have an RSS feed now.