Thursday, October 16, 2008


In his prime, he's make short work of ya. These days he doesn't get out so much. I thickened him up too much in the sculpt and I think he lost his scary edge. Anyone know how to get rid of that awful edge aliasing in zbrush renders?

Update: I wanted to get it back into Maya/Mentalray w textures and see how i would render.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark!
AA in Zbrush is crap but what you do is render large (double your document size) and hit the grey button on the RH-side of the document called AAHALF. That half scales your image (back to the size it was originally) and gives you the best AA that Zbrush is capable of.

Keep up the good work BTW, a great inspiration.

Justin said...

Dude, your work just keeps getting killerer and killerer. ;)

Can't help with the ZBrush stuff, but I have a theory why the ZB version has less "oomph": the pose. In the 3D version, he's symmetrical and at rest. In your illustration, he's clearly in motion. You can tell not only by the asymmetry in the pose, but by the way the weight is shifted slightly forward and he's leaning forward just a bit. You start to get a sense of how he moves from that image, and it does indeed feel menacing, but the 3D pose makes him feel relaxed, so it's difficult to sense that intimidation.

Josh Riley said...

Hello from New Mexico!
You got such an awesome skin texture happening here. It feels soft, and lifelike. The wrinkles totally sell the feeling of skin over muscle. My favorite ones are the small ones just above his shoulder. Awesome, awesome work Mark.

politispittas said...

Hi! Being impressed from your work I took the liberty to use one of your drawings (hungry worm) to decorate one of my articles.

I am a Greek columnist in a major newspaper and I always publish my articles in my blog. So here where your drawing comes in the blog.

Of course I wrote underneath who’s that work is and I also placed your blog link. Sorry for telling you all about it afterwards-I published the article in the internet just 10 minutes ago. If you want me to remove it I will do it, its not a problem. If its ok with you, I am grateful. The article’s topic is about nationalism and fascism so the hungry dirty worm was a great symbol as you can imagine (as you understand my position is 100% anti nationalist etc. )

Tom Scholes said...

Awesome dude!

Jason Seiler said...

Geeeeez this is cool looking!

KineticDan said...

Wow, beautiful stuff!

I agree that you've lost something with the thickening though, your concept art matches the description better and has nicer shape contrast.

Very cool :-D.

Adam Ford said...

That is pretty dang cool man!

Anonymous said...

Zbrush eh?? Ya - the rendering put me through the wringer figuring that out . The guy who commented first nailed it .

Damn cool as ever Mark .
Makes me want to get back to zbrush .
Too many cool things to do and so little time .

MFFW said...

Really good stuff

C.B. Canga said...

this is way too cool

Hugo Freutel said...

Makes me think of paintingshapes of Francis Bacon.
Interesting study.