Sunday, May 31, 2009


Another Nightwork interior. Alkyd over fixed prismacolor. For those not familiar with the idea this was done entirely transparently. A loose value drawing, then a quick wash of black and burnt sienna, then lights wiped, scrubbed and/or picked out with a dry cloth, dry q-tip, or brush with turps. I used to love the luminous quality, textured feel and raw speed of this over-done technique.
See Bernie Fuchs, C.M.Dudash and David Grove

Bad white point, first 2 steps.


Anonymous said...

hey, very nice drawing!!

Marco Bucci said...

that's great man. There seems to be such a "random" quality to the reflected light which makes it super appealing. I've been playing around lately with wet-media myself, and that accidental-ness is really fun to witness unfold. This one looks like a good mix of control vs. chaos.

Tibo3D said...

Nice!!I like it!