Monday, May 10, 2010

Another zombie, this time in CS5

I was trying to find mixer brush setting combos that would work for me.

I didn't even know about the HUD palette back when I did this. Now it's hard to work without it.

At the same time, I'm really irritated that it feels designed by an engineer without regard for or input from the customer.

It's a horribly designed 2 part keyboard chord that terribly thought through - as is the earlier CS4 right mouse button brush size fail.

I've resorted to using autoHotkey, a free hotkey management app, to avoid future RSI issues with these tools. I can post my script if anyone wants it.

CS5 does have some amazing features and I am already crazy about it.


Ramimator said...

Great Work Mark....big Fan here..:) day I would like to see a tutorial..all the best
Rami D.

Marco Bucci said...

sweeet. And yeah, the HUD picker is awesome, except I broke my hand pressing shift/alt/right click. I'm using autohotkey as well.

Mark Behm said...

And space too to "pause" the curor on the pal to jump to hue. Have you tried that one yet? Sigh.
Please, Adobe, just ask next time.

Anonymous said...

Nice video :)

Heather Dixon said...

You make me vie for CS5. Love your art!

JC said...

i played with CS5 a little this week at a so much to learn. =0) great demo Mark, and excellent painting.

Jose Ramos said...

Hey , how´s it going dude?.
I just have signed a contract with Michael Ingrasia as freelance artist.I guess we´re in the same team.
I hope coming over here often
By the way , the tutorial video is awesome , i get CS4 , but i will try Cs5 after of read your coments about that.
see u my friend!

Alina Chau said...


samwilliams said...

Hey Mark, thanks for critiquing my work at the Calgary Comic Expo this year, it was very insightful. I think it's really great that you are so driven to create your own work outside a busy studio job. I've got your print of the depressed dragon lying in the sunbeam on my studio wall for inspiration. Thanks again.

erica said...

I love watching the videos of you working! It's very inspiring and educational watching you work from dark to light building up layers and detail. I keep "Nightwork" by my desk at work for a little pick-me-up whenever mocap cleanup gets dull. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

SulaMoon said...

Hey there :)
I would love to know how you fixed the clumsy shortcut to the HUD color picker!
Amazing video, thanks for sharing!

Amok said...

i find it so interesting that you paint lights onto a dark tone.. i always start with a medium tone, and then do shadows and lights... the tone you start with is pretty much the darkest shadow tone. Do you recommend this method? Are there certain advantages to painting this way that i've overlooked?

Mark Behm said...


I notice that when using reference or model, it's perfectly logical and easy to start with final tones - when building form and creating a lighting scheme on the fly, I find it easier to start wit the "lights out" or just ambient light and turn one on at a time in my brain. Or rather my results seem better when I do.

I most often use about a 60% range (toward my darkest shadow) but it's more less random. If I happen to have painted my base darker than I intended, or changed my mind somewhere in the piece to lighten the overall key, then I'll do it like this vid. It may be the vids I've got on youtube favor a darker range. I haven't gone back and looked at them.

Nothing wrong w starting mid - or even lights. I tend to like the effect of starting mid to dark rather than purely painting toward darks.