Sunday, May 15, 2011

He's not a Vegetarian

Stumbled thru a bunch of apps on it til I finished in the most flexible and pleasant brush for my mark making style - ArtStudio. I really do have high hopes for ProCreate's next version as it's UI is just golden. I haven't tried LayersPro, but I think I've covered most of the other popular ones so far.

Oh, I forgot - I love drawing in SketchClub. It's got that crazy procedural "sketch" mode. I found it's painter only good for people who can use scatter brushes to their advantage. It's opacity dynamics aren't doing it for me.

Strange none use Painter's "sample stroke" or whatever it's called, that would sample, and later use your "more typical" stroke. You'd figure maybe it would be able to capture some dynamic info from that to help inform subsequent strokes.

Or perhaps better yet - like Toonboom's paradigm (dunno if they still do this) which never read pressure, but rather would procedurally redraw your last stroke, emulating a fading in and out over the length of the stroke. The dynamics of this was somehow editable to your liking. It was fast enough not to get in the way. I wonder if that would be irritating with a painting program.


JC said...

man, i love this guy!
these are superb my friend. and i don't know how you get such lite and detail on those iphone paintings. amazing.

Grégory Makles said...

My software round up didn't entirely cover your. Did you try Paint Tool SAI and Illuststudio ? I rated the first one above Art Studio because of the poor brush customisation of AS. Too bad as Brush engine itself is really good :-/

Illuststudio is kind of epic to buy and then to get working but I feel it's clearly the most powerful illustration app around - although the brushes could be better.

Didn't know about LayersPro. Have to check it out now =)

Grégory Makles said...

Ah, but it's an iPhone round up. My bad.

erica said...

Thanks for all the app recommendations! It's great to get ideas from artists who really know what to look for. Are you still using the Targus stylus for your iPad? I was stylus shopping myself and wondering which would work best. It seems there are several options out there these days.

Mark Behm said...

Still using the stylus. All I can say is that it's way more responsive (doesn't miss strokes) than my 2 pogos that have conductive "foam tips".

Breadwig said...

I too enjoy sketch club.