Thursday, May 05, 2011

more iPhone paints

I got a little rubber-tipped Targus stylus. It's 1000x better than my horrible 2 pogo foam tip. Those seemed to skip every 4th stroke or so.

I'm convinced. I really do enjoy painting on my phone. I can't see how the iPad wouldn't be that much more fun. I seem to loose a bit of perspective with my hand covering a good part of the screen (see different sized limbs below) but all in all I'm quite happy with the experience.

These 3 were all done with ArtStudio. That app is like a mini Photoshop.

I'm also excited to try ProCreate (Thank's for that, Tor). Looks like really nice piece of software that's really thinking about the user experience and is continuing to develop.

Edit: to be clear - the above is a comp of a 2 primed sheets of paper, a pencil sketch and a paint over those. The cool thing is I took them all with the phone's camera, and imported them directly into Art Studio.


Amok said...

wow these are amazing!! that first one looks so much like traditional media it's insane!

Do you find the process slower without pressure sensitivity as you have to pick and choose every value manually?


Great work! Since apple bought Adobe, rumor has it that their will be photoshop type programs and Illustrator programs for the Ipad. Which will be so cool! But Awesome work!

Marvin Lorenz said...
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Marvin Lorenz said...

Amazing work Mark! Love these sketches!