Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nightwork at SDCC !

We didn't think it was going to arrive in time, but the book will be at the BrandStudio table at the Con! I will be scribbling in them on Thursday and Friday at some point. Come over and say hi! Same booth as last year H-3 - MAP

Shortly after I get back and get my shipment I'll put up an order link here and on my website.


Justin Barrett said...

Woohoo! Awesome news! I wish I could stop by the Con and snag a copy in person, but alas...'tis not meant to be. I'll definitely order one once you post the link. If I haven't already said it, congratulations!

pointpusher said...

Wow man, great to hear and congrats big time. I will be getting a copy of this bad boy for sure!

robertc said...

Yo Mark! I've been waiting for this to come out! I won't be at the Con but would love to order a copy. Any chance for a quick scribble to a former student? :)

Jose Darias said...

Congratulations for your book , i would like to order a copy , but i don´t think that I can in Spain. Maybe by online.
.See u Mark!

JC said...

congrats Mark! what a treat for all us fans. =0)

Yusecki said...

Whoo hoo!
Can't wait to order this. Hope the comic con goes well.

a fan said...

Love the work but pretty bummed out of the use of a lot of your portfolio work that's on your site used in the book, I'd thought you would have more sketch work, I'm not condemning the book, I still think it was okay and you are an amazing artist, but for the price and content I think it fell short. I still am a big fan and really appreciate what you post and show in tutorials, you give me inspiration and that's what counts.

Nara said...

Hey Mark Nara here hope you sold a lot of books :) let us know when they will be available to get from your site.

Smugbug said...

So sorry now that I didn't stop by and meet you at the Con - but both Thursday and Fridays found me in portfolio reviews! : (

I so intend on getting your book, though! Love your work!

joverine said...

oh man! I was looking at that over at brand studio press a little while ago
how is it working with them? I'm currently putting together an artbook and will be lookin' into print versions asap

hope they're selling out the arse!!!
adding your blog to my blogroll right now

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Anonymous said...

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