Saturday, August 09, 2008

Book for sale FINALY!

I put up a paypal button to the right.

Marco Bucci must have seen it this morning before this post! Since he's the first online order, I painted something on the interior for him.

I used these really cool acrylics called Atelier Interactive. My first go at them. They are acrylics, but don't skin over right away. You can use them much like normal acrylics or more like oil. Crazy! I enjoyed this one. I'll buy some more colors and do some more experiments before I give a more complete review.

This is inside another cover. It's another new medium for me. Graphite powder. More play is needed.


Yusecki said...

Yay! Ordered mine straight away! :D

Jason Seiler said...

Cool stuff Mark, I gotta try those acrylics too!