Thursday, April 16, 2009


Painter. More quickie palette knife randomness.
I'm aggravated by the lack of decent angle control.
Tilt is useless to me. Bearing is confusing. Direction doesn't work (spins).
Rotation with my 6d is more or less random (only seems so w pknife) and only seems to want to read the pen's angle when it chooses to.


PBetteo said...

Mmmh, have you tried rotating your studio??

PS: Anyway... Stop humiliating us, please!! (laughs)

PS2: Your YouTube videos... priceless.
You're an angel.

justin said...

Those are really cool, I especially like the top two.

I've experienced the same frustration with painter's palette knife. I used a palette knife in photoshop that had angle control, that got me spoiled. It seems like I should be able to do the same thing in painter, but wasn't able to get anything to work well.

:::Julia Lundman::: said...

i'm SO right there with you on that! Plus the interface is too confusing with a zillion options. at work we upgraded to Photoshop CS 4... the brush strokes lag. program is too big.


but really beautiful work, as always!

Mark Behm said...

I still can't fathom what Adobe was thinking with CS4. Did they really think we were all going to get specific graphics cards for it? We're ALL back on CS3 at work.

Manu Martin said...

You are just too awesome. Your kind of work inspires me to do something new.

Fresh thoughts and great works in terms of executing it. YOU COMPLETELY ROCKS.

Great regards to you.

Adam Ford said...

Very cool! That one of the knight is pretty dang amazing!

Jason Seiler said...

These are gorgeous!!!

Alex Fleisig said...

awesome mark

Ty Carter said...

Mark, awesome work! I'm glad I found your blog. These painter enviros are sweet!

Holly H Ferris said...

Very cool images. I love them. I like the limited use of color- makes the scenes look more mysterious.