Tuesday, April 14, 2009

palette knives

Painter. Loaded palette knife and a soft airbrush.
Love that knife for blocking.


justin said...

That's really cool, the light and shadow on the tower really pops. The second read on the foreground buildings is great, it looks like such subtle occlusion lighting.

Did you modify the loaded palette knife? I've had a hard time with that brush, getting it to do what I expect.

Marco Bucci said...

wicked. Has a real-life clay look to it. I wish ps had some of these cool brushes, instead of faking them with the same sliders all the time.

Mark Behm said...

Justin: Defualts, and I think what I'm liking is that it doesn't give me what I expect. Heh heh. I wanted to try it with my 6d brush but it was at work.
Marco: I long for that day where colors will mix with the canvas in PS. A man can dream.

justin said...

I realized the issue I was having, I didn't have "pick up underlying color" selected, so when working on a new layer the knife would introduce white paint with low pen pressures. It's working much better now! ^_^

justin said...

P.S. I wanted to thank you for posting videos of your painting process (digital and analog works). If you feel inclined, I'd love to see one of this type of work. I'm really fascinated by the style.



Mark Behm said...

Justin: Yeah, layers aren't happy with mixing colors. :) Gotta have that button down.
What do you mean "of this type"? You mean environmental? Eek. I'm afraid I have no business posting any of that kind of work.

justin said...

Hehe, I think your environmental work is great. I guess when I said "this type" I was thinking of this piece and the sleeping dragon.

For me, both have a dense/rich atmosphere, very subtle local light with a strong key light. I'm enamored with those particular works and keep trying to emulate them. :)