Wednesday, April 27, 2011

iphone sketches

AD Sketchbook Mobile ...

Art Studio ...

For some time now, I've wrung my hands over whether or not to get an ipad for sketching. Like most of us, the central issue of pressure has been the showstopper. Do I wait and hope for apple to release ipad5? Or for apple to allow a 3rd party to do something about it?

I'll say that I even enjoy doodling on my stupid little phone! There is a fun, Zen simplicity of having to paint with no pressure. It keeps things loose for me and I count that as a win.

My picks thus far are Art Studio (love the main brush and smear) and Autodesk Sketchbook ( best. lines. ever. ). For me, these 2 have the best balance of brush feel (and falloff options) and UI. UI overall on sketch apps for iphone is terrible. I can only hope I can one day find an app where the tools and colors I want quick access too are onscreen all the time. I will sacrifice a wee bit of real estate! It's crazy-irritating to have to tap 4+ times to change a color, or a brush size. These devices are supposed to encourage MORE intuitive workflows than desktops, not less.

I plan to spend some time with Inspire next. I've tried Brushes and Colors but don't play well with them.

Anyone else doing this!? I find surprisingly little out there.


Guillermo said...

Don't get an ipad, Mark! Get this instead:

Time to upgrade that tablet. =)

Tor said...

Procreate! Very subtle, always there, controls for size, opacity, with colours and different brushes a touch away. Love it. It's fairly new. Oh doh, I think it's iPad only (I love my iPad)

Bruno Hamzagic said...

Great sketches Mark! Even without pressure, you did really expressive sketches! :D

Hey Guillermo, very nice suggestion, I didn't knew this device yet. Even been widows based, looks like a great option to artists! :)

Michael Dooney said...

Nice stuff. I've dabbled a little with Brushes...and like you said there is a lot a hoops to jump through to change colors and brushes etc.
Are you using a stylus? I got a cheapo one and can't quite warm up to the sponge like tip...but it's better than a finger I guess:)

Artur Montanari said...

Hi Mark! Great sketches!
Not sure if you've already seen this, but since wacom is going for the iPad, I think they'll make good impressions in the future.

Keep it up!


Charles Eubanks said...

Wow. I've often complained that I can't draw with my finger, but you just sucked all the wind out of that argument.

Marco Bucci said...

sweeet. I was addicted to Sketchbook Mobile on my iTouch last year. But I OD'd on it and now I literally never touch it. Strange. I didn't mind the lack of pressure either, actually.

Stijn Van Doorselaere said...

(for some reason I can't post a comment when I'm signed in with my Google account)

Hey Mark, nice sketches, love your style :)
I bought a Motion Computing LE1600 about 4 months ago, and I love it! It's a slate pc with pressure sensitivity:

I can really recommend it. I bought mine on Ebay as the latest version is about 2000 bucks.. (
I bought mine for about 350. It's not the fastest, so don't count on running photoshop on it. But I used sketchbook pro on it and I was in drawing heaven! Sketchbook pro is made for tablets like these. The tablet is pretty light-weight but heavier than an iPad. Gets a little hot too if you use it for a longer period of time. I use it on a daily basis on the train. Here are some sketches I made with my LE1600 (sorry for the shameless plug :P):

Once again: I REALLY recommend it, couldn't live without it! If you do decide to get one make sure it has the original pen and a "View anywhere screen" is a nice to have (bit more expensive though). If the seller doesn't know whether it's a VA-screen or not, there should be a white sticker on the back saying "View anywhere screen".

Looking forward to your next post!

Ariel said...

Awesome sketches! It's impossible to tell that they were made without pressure sensitivity.

On an iPhone?! *head explodes*

Dwight Clark said...

Hey Mark this is Dwight from SiDEBAR, I've done a few myself, and I am using some of the ideas generated, using Layers, and Autodesk Sketchbook as templates for much, broader pieces, here are some thumbs.

Marvin Lorenz said...

Awesome work!


I really enjoy the sketching.

genericrog said...

Inspiring work! Have you tried Art rage on ipad? The interface is pretty intuitive. Brushes are natural media style, but as a result there is some lag. It might annoy speedy painters.

I've read your latest ipad paint entry and now I feel compelled to try the app you're using! Keep posting. =)