Sunday, May 08, 2011

I dun-gone went an did it

Got me an ipad. Pombero made me do it.

Very fun. So far, all the iphone apps have a better structured UI than their ipad/phone counterparts. I'll give them all more "dirt time" before reviewing them.

ProCreate over pencil (shot w camera)


 AD Sketchbook Mobile


Tor said...

Woohoo! :D hope you enjoy it!

Guillermo said...

Noooo!!! Pombero would never do it! He's a PC kind-of-guy!

Alex Fleisig said...

wow... cool...
no pressure sensitivity right?

behm don't need no stinking pressure sensitivity

matt said...

neato. have a look at sketch club, its 'smooth' and 'sketchy' brushes are fun, and the developer is great with feedback and ideas.